The Glamour of Smoking

27 Aug

Smoking is Glamorous for a Short While

There are many advertisements and billboards that portray smoking as glamorous. For example, if a favourite movie star is seen smoking on screen, our inner psychology and inspirational values tend to ascertain a certain glamorous association to the act of smoking. The smoking then taps on to the onscreen sexy, cool character image portrayed by the model, actor or actress. However, have you seen the real picture? Have you seen people who smoke coughing and having all kinds of sicknesses? Ruth Stuettgen of Focus on Balance brings you crashing down to earth on the hoax glamour of smoking.

A Reality Check on Smoking
Cigarettes are killers. They may not wield knives and guns, but they are more deadly. They will kill you slowly. In addition, smoking causes all sorts of debilitating diseases. These include bronchitis, emphysema, cancer etc. How can you be glamorous when you are killing yourself slowly? Besides, have you stood next to a smoker? Not many people find the smell of tobacco to be very glamorous.

Consider Glamour Forever
Smoking a cigarette, holding it in just the right way, may give you a few minutes to feel as in the movies and the models in the billboards. However, if you quit now, you may not look so glamorous this moment, but healthier and cool throughout your life.

There are so many methods available for those who wish to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy is considered one of the most effective methods. Apart from this, you could try acupuncture, exercise, nicotine patches etc. Just make the first move and resist the peer and commercial pressures that aim to lure you to smoke.

Author Resource Box Details
Ruth E. Stuettgen offers Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes™ services as an alternative medical therapy for those struggling with smoke habits. Her practice is located in Scoresby, Victoria, Australia. You can receive invaluable information on the subject at her Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes blog.

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